Consumers have readily adopted hosted applications for unified communication.  We believe a mobile application marketplace is no longer considered a fad, but a must-have platform for providing marketing and services to, not only “on-the-go” individuals, but the majority of consumers[1].  Moving forward from Web 2.0, we believe enterprises have likewise begun to acknowledge the importance of flexibility, speed of innovation, and availability of niche hosted services[2].  From the announcement of Amazon’s App Store,, and the addition of many others, the “buzz” has been centered on the inevitable adoption of hosted enterprise applications[3].’s Todd R. Weiss aptly names his new blog “Deciphering Enterprise Apps”.  Rather than covering confirmed application adoption trends, Weiss seeks to examine “the successes, the failures, the trials and the experiences” of “installing, configuring, running and maintaining the critical applications that run your enterprises”.  The critical question then, it seems to us, is not whether services offer to and use hosted applications for both businesses and consumers, but how best to do so.

As one of the first to offer custom hosted application services through the BroadSoft XtendedTM program, BroadSoft’s customers have leveraged a competitive edge through custom-branded Application Storefronts and in-demand applications through annual programs such as the Xtended Incubator Program.

What have we seen thus far?

  • Increased availability of hosted Xtended Marketplace applications, with expectations for significant growth in the portfolio of available applications by mid-2012.
  • Continued custom application innovation for customers and end-users through annual developer incentives  and a growing base of 4,600+ Xtended developers who continue to contribute new long-tail application services[4].
  • The launch of our first four pilot Marketplace service providers in 2011.  Read customer quotes and application descriptions here:,

Web applications, such as the Sales Force Connector and the Mobiso Speech Enabled Dialer, have garnered strong interest from the start of Xtended.  As one example, our customers have related the success of the Salesforce Connector to its ability to transform CRM usability in communication services.  By allowing businesses to quickly access advanced voice and call control features from within their account, enterprises organize and communicate with internal and external contacts more efficiently.  Through the desktop, the Salesforce Connector has allowed enterprise customers to:

  • Display an incoming caller’s contact record information
  • Find the appropriate user to forward a contact to
  • Retrieve call and communication history for key prospects
  • And more: see the Sales Force Connector in the Xtended Marketplace

We believe applications such as these continue to drive demand for hosted services offerings.

As enterprises rely more on mobility services, hosted mobile applications, such as the “RemoteOffice” application, quickly begin to pick up the popularity we saw with early web applications.  Mobile hosted applications incubated through the Xtended Incubator program in 2011 (for example the iPad Front Office Assistant, iPad Receptionist, and BuzzMe, an iPhone based group notification app) will offer a full-range of advanced hosted communication services to the mobile business and consumer end-customers.  BroadSoft is excited to watch hosted applications take full advantage of hosted voice features not available through traditional phone services.  You can view an early prototype of a receptionist tablet application here:

Those involved in the Xtended program from the early stages have benefited from educational and awareness driven initiatives that have generated visibility and demand for both web and mobile hosted applications.  Moving forward, we believe the BroadSoft ecosystem will benefit from the expected increase in hosted web and mobile enterprise applications, the entrance of additional BroadSoft hosted marketplaces, and the resulting drive of additional niche applications and services.  As hosted enterprise applications continue to replace IT services, BroadSoft will likewise continue to report best-practice trends and innovations in marketplace and application offerings for our service providers and their end customers.  Success, however, is constrained by your willingness to become a part of the project.  Offering benefits such as hosted store fronts with minimal capex, BroadSoft Xtended ensures service providers can now expand with us without the growing pains.  Learn more here:

[1] See one study here:

[4] For an explanation of Long Tail Marketing, see: